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Barn Boys is a chapter in Conker's Bad Fur Day 1/2: Rexi's Break Out. This chapter is followed by Bats' Tower (Rexi's Break Out).

Sections and Goals[]

  • Mousing Around - Help a mouse find a nice area to stay around. He seems to have cash in his... butt. Great. But.... maybe you could snatch it...
  • Paranoia for a Flower - There's money up high and he can't come down because the flower will see him! Maybe making her go crazy and lose focus could help him.
  • Hay's New Home - Find a new barn for bales of hay. They seem to want to reward you if you help.
  • Building the Destroyer of Tomorrow - Help a mad scientist create a gigantic robot. Pulling switches to combine the parts of a hay-bot would be the easiest way to get money.... if not for the height of the switches and the Fire Imps burning your ass every 0.05 seconds.