Bats' Tower is a chapter in Conker's Bad Fur Day 1/2: Rexi's Break Out. This chapter is followed by Sloprano (Rexi's Break Out).

Sections and Goals[edit | edit source]

  • Putting Money in the Pound - Help a BullDogFish steal money from some catfish and lock it away. He'll let you keep fifty percent.
  • The Un-Cogging - Some cogs will pay you to take them away. Find a good place to hide them and you'll get some cash.
  • Batshit First Aid - Some bats are hurt and need to heal badly. Throw them to some areas with first aid kits in the tower. They may just reward you with a foul-mouthed bundle of cash.
  • Big Big Guy Practice - Help the Big Big Guy practice fighting in case he needs to in the near future. He's offering $300 bucks for you to coach him.
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