Beta Cover

Beta Cover.

The game starts in a forest you see a grey squril named rex. He touch's a reletively large cyrtsel. His eye's pop wide open as he is engulfed in a flash of light! The scene change's to conker were he is leaving the bar(End of BFD)

Conker stuble's out of the bar drunk walks over and see's a small ridge he go's over to it and is hit with a mysterios light. Afterward he wakes up in a small wood house home to a young apraintace to the royal wizard/historyoran/Philsopher. Confused he hears some noise's relizing its coming from the bathroom he is even more confused because the sounds are dinging and stuff like that. The door opens and The Historan/Wizard intoduce's himself as Dan.

Scene Diologe

Conker: Whats that noise?

(Weird dinging sonud from bathroom)

Conker: Whats going on here?

(Door opens)

Dan: Hello there young squrrl. My name is Dan!

Conker: Joe? Your name's Joe?

Dan: Yeah Don't were it out.

Conker: were am I?

Dan: You are in Windy!

Conker: Windy?????

Conker: But But...I was just at the bar!

Dan: I didn't notice you entering but mabey you got drunk and found your way here?

Conker: Well... I HAVE done that before...

Dan: Alright then sence ur here lets go to the festival.

Conker: What festival?

Dan: The Conker the 1st festival!

Conker: 0_0 What???

Dan: Everbody know's about it!

Conker: Errr ok. Tell me what its about.

Dan: It celibrates when the first king conker ruled the land!!!

Conker: Ummm alright...

Dan: Then he disappered!

Conker: Hmmm I think im starting to put 2 and 2 together...

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