Conker's Bad Fur Day 1/2: Rexi's Break Out is a prequel to the Conker series, and marks the first appearance of Rexi The Squirrel. It takes place during the events of Conker's Bad Fur Day, and in the same general areas and with the same characters.

Plot Edit

5 years before Bad Fur Day, a squirrel named Rexi is arrested for having defiled the kingdom of the Panther King, by defecating and urinating all around his castle. The king sentences Rexi to 30 years with no parole. Upon the night before Conker's worst day, Rexi breaks out and now roams the kingdom. But he has to hurry and get out of the kingdom. He then proceeds to try and gain up money from local people to gain enough to purchase a ride out.

Chapters Edit

1. Escape (Rexi's Break Out)

  • Setting Up
  • Starting Up
  • Beat Em' Up
  • Out to Freedom

2. Windy (Rexi's Break Out)

  • Helping the Wasps
  • Barrel Rolling
  • Helping Out the Wasps again
  • Milling Inferno

3. Barn Boys (Rexi's Break Out)

  • Mousing Around
  • Paranoia for a Flower
  • Hay's New Home
  • Building the Destroyer of Tomorrow

4. Bats' Tower (Rexi's Break Out)

  • Putting Money in the Pound
  • The Un-Cogging
  • Batshit First Aid
  • Big Big Guy Practice

5. Sloprano (Rexi's Break Out) To Be Continued

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