Conker: Rise of Kulas is a platformer/third-person shooter developed by Rare. It is the sequel to Conker's Other Bad Day, being given the same M rating as its predecessors. The game revolves around Conker the Squirrel, who starts to learn about his ancestors and what really happened between the Squirrels and the Panthers.


After Conker had tricked Dimitree into becoming King, he stumbled upon a talisman that sent him back in time 1000 years before the present.


The gameplay for Conker: Rise of Kulas is very similar to that of the game's M-rated predecessors. Conker can jump up to three times his height, as well as perform a crouch jump that elevates him to four times his height. He can also perform a hover with his tail, known as the Helicoptery-tail thing, which allows him to rotate his tail like a helicopter, allowing him to hover over gaps, as well as slightly break his falls when falling down. When using weapons, such as the Rifle, the camera angle changes to a third-person shooter, but becomes an FPS-type rail shooter when riding Victor Viper in Chapter 7.


  • This is the third game to feature Taj the elephant genie, the first being Diddy Kong Racing, and the second being its remake.
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