The Evil Acorn
The Evil Acorn's artwork from Pocket Tales
Vital statistics
Title Forgotten Villain
Species Acorn
Gender Male
Homeworld Willow Woods

The Evil Acorn was the main antagonist of Conker's Pocket Tales for the GameBoy Color. His exact intentions and plan in the game are not clear, other than having some sort of vendetta against Conker.

In Conker's Last Bad Day, he is one of the primary antagonists that works with Hoodlums. No one, not even colleagues take him seriously. His speeches are insanely botched, and he seems to now be a satire of older/forgotten characters along with poor translations/writing, which was common for some early GameBoy games.

He appears in the Nostalgia chapter as a boss, and is brutally crushed in a gruesome yet somewhat comical fashion with him being an acorn.

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