Hoodlums, as he was meant to appear in Twelve Tales
Vital statistics
Title Unused Antagonist
Species Wizard
Gender Male
Homeworld  ?

Hoodlums was meant to be the main antagonist of the cancelled game Twelve Tales: Conker 64. He does however, make an appearance as the main villain of the story Conker's Last Bad Day.

He is childishly designed wizard character, dressed with a purple robe adorned with stars and golden moons, carrying a hat above his head and eyes white light. He acts mysterious, if not a little charismatic, and shows very little personality at first glance.

Underneath that, he is rather sadistic and outright cruel to even his servants that fail, and detests not only Conker, but almost everyone from Bad Fur Day previously. His character is meant to satire beta/unfinished characters.

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