Nutz the Squirrel is a squirrel with a psychopathic personality. He has done many villainous acts such as killing many characters. He was the reason Honker went missing because he used a harpoon gun to stab Honker in the chest, causing the latter to bleed to death. He also killed Don Weaso but how he killed him is unknown. He also fought in the war, where he became the new leader of the Tediz after Professer von Kripplesac got sucked into the sun. The Tediz worshipped him as their new leader. He also died once in a battle with Conker after the latter decapitated him with a katana. The Tediz were ordered to put his head in something that was indestructible so the Tediz could work on modifying his body, so they put his head in a goldfish bowl (sucks, don't it?).

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