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Rexi the Squirrel
Rexi The Squirrel.png
Rexi as he appears in Conker's Bad Fur Day 1/2: Rexi's Break Out.
Vital statistics
Title Rexi the Squirrel
Species Squirrel
Gender Male
Homeworld Unknown

Rexi the Squirrel is a squirrel and is the protagonist of Conker's Bad Fur Day 1/2: Rexi's Break Out. He is a criminal who was imprisoned by the Panther King. On the day Conker's Bad Fur Day takes place, Rexi breaks out on his fifth year of imprisonment and is the cause of most of Conker's troubles. It is unknown as to whether he lived or died after the game as the ending shows no sign of his fate.


Rexi is foul mouthed, super greedy, and will do anything to escape problems. He seems to care about no one but himself as he only defends himself and will never help anyone unless something's in it for him.

Relation to Other Characters[]

  • Conker - He is the cause of most of Conker's problems through out his bad fur day, although they never directly meet.
  • Panther King - He has stolen and defiled the king's land, making them enemies. The king considers Rexi his most dangerous enemy, and goes out of his way to kill or imprison Rexi again.