A M-Rated game that starring the one and only thermophile Seirrel the Squirrel


One day, Our hero Serriel was at the cock and plucker Seirrel woke up to find himself stranded in an park known as No'ah Park,having had a headache he look for anyone is in but he found no one so he decide to back to the SHC but he was kick out for being a trator but he didnt knew why was he kick out but he knew that the Tediz were behind this . So he headed back to the park to seach for some clues. He first saw a lab in the middle of the of the hub world and met Rodney a scientist who in the game teaches basic moves(and give upgrades for a certain weapon later in the game).Next After all that he gone across a unmistakable windmill that took him to a castle -more to come-


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