Tedi Amalgamates are fan-made enemies in the Conker Series.

Description Edit

Appearance Edit

Tedi Amalgamates are the result of some sort of experiment, they seem to be a hybrid of Squirrels and Tediz, their different body parts are sewn together, no one Tedi Amalgamate is the same as another. They often use the same coats and helmets from the Tediz appearance in Conker: Live and Reloaded.

Behavior and Attacks Edit

Tedi Amalgamates usually carry the same weapons as regular Tediz do, except they have more health than a regular one, when shot, similar to Zombies, parts of their bodies fall off depending on where you shot them. What also makes them harder, is that shooting off their head does not instantly kill them, however, this will make them unaware of where you are, and will spread bullets everywhere. They die when enough of their body has fallen off.

Chapter Edit

The Tediz Amalgamates appear in the It's War chapter of the game, they appear in the Casulty Department, along with the Tedi Surgeons. They appear spread out across the rest of the chapter also.

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