Victor Viper snapshot

A picture of what the Victor Viper is with his set of Millenia Guided Turrets (below the Victor Viper).

Victor Viper is a antropormorphic spaceship that appears in Conker: Rise of Kulas, who assists Conker at the end of the Cold War chapter (which is World 7). He is a parody of the Vic Viper from Gradius and speaks in a heavy cybernetic british accent. When you play as Victor Viper, the gameplay is in a FPS perspective.


After Conker takes out all three field generators hidden in the war zone, Conker flees for shelter when he stumbles upon a futuristic dome. He looks around the dome to see anything unique, and finds a green button. He proceeds to press the button, and the dome opers up like a mouth, and a speedy object shoots out of the dome at the speed of light. Conker checks the dome, but nothing. Suddenly, a Heavy Walker Model 1A goes after him, trying to shoot him, when he reaches a dead end. The walker is about to kill Conker, but a missile darts from the sky, and hits the walker, destroying it in a big explosion. A spaceship then gently lands on the ground near Conker, and Conker asks him if he saw a speeding object in the sky, but he then tells Conker that it was him who flew out of the dome, and he was an ancient ship known as Victor Viper. The legend says whoever activates the dome, freeing the Victor Viper from his sleep, shall become the owner of the Victor Viper. The Victor Viper opens his cockpit to let Conker in, and proceeds into the battlefield.

After destroying Tediz Arctic HQ, Victor Viper descends into space, to finish off the T.S.S. (Tediz Sattelite Station) by jacking into the base and take out the generator. As Victor Viper is going through the colossal space station, mechanical claws start grabbing for the Victor Viper, but fortunately, the fighter successfully destroys the claws, but is captured by a tractor beam by a Tediz commando by the name of "Richard 1". Conker jumps out of Victor's cockpit and heads for the room the Tediz commando is using the tractor beam. Conker successfully defeats Richard 1 and frees the Victor Viper, proceeds to destroy the generator, and escape the station. After escaping the station, a battle cruiser similar to the Atragon (the Drilldozer 1), appears from a black hole to destroy Conker and the Victor Viper. After damaging the Drilldozer 1, Richard 1 presses a glowing button, which transforms the Drilldozer 1 into a wasp-like robot (the Hornet mk-II). After destroying the Hornet mk-II, Victor Viper and Conker head back to Earth, and Victor Viper brews Conker a beer, ending Cold War.

After the game is beaten, Victor Viper arrives with the other survivors to congratulate Conker for saving the world once again, in which Victor Viper fires a missile into the sky, which blasts into nova-colored fireworks.

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