Windy is a chapter in Conker's Bad Fur Day 1/2: Rexi's Break Out. It's goals are split in between other chapters. This chapter is followed by Barn Boys (Rexi's Break Out).

Sections and Goals Edit

  • Helping the Wasps - The Wasps want a new hive, and when they find Rexi, they're willing to pay for his help.
  • Barrel Rolling - Help Mr. Barrel up the mountain and he may just have a cash prize for you at the top.
  • Helping Out the Wasps again - After chapter Uga Buga (Rexi's Break Out), the wasps need your help again. Some dumb red squirrel apparently stole the hive from them.
  • Milling Inferno - After chapter It's War (Rexi's Break Out), The Tediz hire you to blow up the windmill by placing bombs quickly before this one squirrel hits it, and they have good incentive: $500 in pure cash.
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